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PRAXIS 2020: Domestic Work in U.S. Mass Media & Popular Culture: Primary Sources

Summer 2020, M. Joffroy & J. Guglielmo Digital humanities collaboration with the National Domestic Workers Alliance

Digital Newspapers

Alternative/Ethnic/Gender Press

Manuscripts and Books

Sophia Smith Collection (SSC) - The SSC website includes collection lists and descriptions; online guides for the SSC - as well as for other primary source repositories in the Five Colleges - are available in Five College Archives & Manuscripts Collections database, Asteria.

Five College Library Catalog - Remember to search people (e.g. Margaret Sanger) and organizations (e.g. National Congress of Neighborhood Women) as both author and subject. Searching by author will retrieve additional primary source material; searching by subject will retrieve both secondary literature and possibly additional primary sources.

More Primary Source Collections

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