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ENG199: Methods of Literary Studies -- J. Kim: When to Cite, Style Guides & Citation Managers

Fall 2018, J. Kim

Citation Resources

Citation Guides & Style Manuals 

Some Tips for When to Cite:

  • Remember to cite your source, when either quoting directly or paraphrasing. In other words, cite your source whenever you present an idea that isn't your own.
  • Websites must be cited in your notes/bibliography, too; if you cut and paste - or paraphrase - from a website, cite the webpage.
  • When in doubt, cite your source.
  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL):  When do we give credit?
  • Connect to online versions of Turabian, APA, MLA Style Guide, etc. from this page:  Citation Guides & Style Manuals  
  • Or use the Citation Builder (NCSU Libraries), which offers quick citation help for Chicago, MLA, APA, and CBE styles.

When to Cite -- Smith Resources

The Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning offers individual help with writing and also this useful guide:
Writing Papers: A Handbook for Students at Smith College
Read "Using Sources Effectively" starting on page 50+; and
"Acknowledging and Documenting Your Sources" on page 57+.




is another web-based option for managing your citations and for creating bibliographies.



RefWorks is web-based software that helps researchers gather, manage, store, and generate citations and bibliographies.