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THE254: Costume I, Image Research

Fall 2023, K. Smith

Library Catalog Searching Suggestions

Helpful subject keywords for finding heavily illustrated books and catalogs in all subjects are:

  • Exhibitions | In art | Illustrations | Photographs | Pictorial Works | Portraits

Helpful subject begins with phrases for finding books and catalogs about the history of dress and fashion are:

  • Clothing and dress [works on the utilitarian aspects of clothing, including works on how to dress]
  • Women's clothing | Men's clothing | Children's clothing
  • [garment names], eg., Underwear | Hats | Footwear | Shoes | Cloaks
  • Costume [works on clothing treated as an artistic object, as well as works on clothing created for the stage, screen, or special events]
  • Fashion--[Place]--History--[Century], eg., Fashion--United States--History--20th century
  • Fashion Photography | Fashion design
  • [designer or firm name], eg., Worth, Charles Frederic | Chanel, Coco| Comme des Garcons (Firm)

Helpful subject keywords for finding books on the visual culture of the 1920s are:

  • Art Deco | Constructivism (Art) | Expressionism (Art) | Futurism (Art) | Bauhaus
  • [artist's name], eg., Stepanova, Varvara Fedorovna | Delaunay, Sonia
    Rodchenko, Aleksandr Mikhailovich | Schlemmer, Oskar


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