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GOV329: Comparative Politics of East Asia: Create an Annotated Bibliography

Spring 2019, S. Newland

Online Guides to Creating an Annotated Bibliography

GOV329 Assignment

  • Compile a preliminary bibliography of both primary and secondary sources
    • primary sources: what data— surveys, census data, administrative data, archival materials, etc.—could you use to answer your research question?
    • secondary sources: what has already been written on or related to your topic of interest?
  • Annotate with a brief description of each source, what makes it a high-quality source, and how it relates to your project.


Use the EXTRA field with your stand-alone Zotero, to enter the text of your annotation.

Choose APA or Chicago style with annotations. MLA style annotated is also available with file download.

Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography Using Zotero, by Beth Royall, librarian at West Virginia University (YouTube, September 2017)


Use the ABSTRACT field with RefWorks on the web, to enter the text of your annotation.

An easy way to find MLA, APA, or Chicago style is to search for the word "annotated."

The ProQuest RefWorks YouTube channel includes a guide to creating a bibliography.