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FYS179: Rebellious Women: ARTICLES & VIDEOS

Fall 2021, K. Anderson


Discover: Start here for books, articles & more.

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In Class Activity 2

Using the sample topic Letter from Margaret Sanger to Albert Lasker explore your assigned resource as a group.

  1. Group 1, Discover (tip: explore the Advanced Search for more ways to limit your search)
  2. Group 2, America: History & Life (tip: you can limit your search by historical period)
  3. Group 3, GenderWatch (tip: try to find the Limit To "Full Text" option)
  4. Group 4, Google Scholar (tip: try to use the settings to add Smith College to your Library Links)

Try to find a relevant resource that you could use for Essay 2, if this was your actual topic. Consider the following questions. Choose a group member to speak on behalf of your group and be prepared to share your experience with the class.

  • What kind of information does this resource contain (books, articles, videos etc)?
  • Does this resource contain appropriate secondary sources?
  • How can you effectively search for and save items that you find (tips, tricks & tools)