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John Duke & the American Art Song: Streaming Audio

"Marking a Century: Music at Smith (1909-2009)" - February 9, 2010 (Marlene Wong)


Only the recordings available through the streaming Smith subscriptions are given prominence on this page. Generic permalinks are also given for those who have institutional subscription access.

Donald Gramm & Donald Hasard

Phalen Tassie & Le Roy Miller

Streaming audio from the Internet Archive,

 Charles Amirkhanian hosts a variety of characters on The Morning Concert: Phillip Glass meets Phalen Tassie, [part] a.

The above interview show features two of the four Duke songs from Phalen Tassie sings American contemporary songs. Phalen Tassie, soprano; Le Roy Miller, piano. Music Library MLR 7117. 1967.

"For a dead kitten," and "Rapunzel."

D'Anna Fortunato & Genevieve Lee