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EAL360: Book History and Print Culture in China and Japan

Spring 2024, Prof. Moyer

Rare books at Smith

Use Discover Advanced Search: 

Select Location (and hold down the control key if you want several):

Smith College Annex  (not so rare, but if you include it you will get stitch-bound books published prior to 1900) 

Smith College Hillier Art Library (some lovely older Chinese art books) 

Smith College Special Collections 

Select Language: Chinese 

Publication Date: put 1899 into end date 

If you want to expand your search and see what the other 4 libraries have in their rare book collections, go back and add the Special Collections and Archives for Amherst, Mount Holyoke and UMass. 

One more thing to think about. We often collect reproductions that might be really interesting to you. For example - if you set the filters for Location: Amherst College Special Collections and Archives and Language: Chinese  and search for scrolls  you will retrieve Japanese reproductions of Chinese scrolls.