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Theses, Dissertations, & Honors Projects

Undergraduate Honors Projects: FAQ for Writers

How do I find out about Honors Project deadlines and forms?
Visit the Class Deans' Departmental Honors page.

What will I need to submit?

  1. A copy of the title page in pdf format uploaded to the Honors Project Moodle site. Contact the Class Dean Office for further information. (585-4920).
  2. Permission Form for Honors Projects, signed by advisor and project author, sent to: Collection Services, Neilson Library.
  3. A pdf copy of the project including title page, body of work, bibliography, and any jpg files attached as appropriate to the Honors Project Moodle site.


What is the Permission form for Honors Projects?
The Permission form has two purposes:

  1. Key words assist the Libraries to catalog and make the project more easily available to future readers.
  2. The completed form allows the library to respond to legitimate Interlibrary Loan requests from other library users.

Submission of the form is a requirement for successful completion of your honors project.

Who owns the copyright to my project?
The project author is the copyright owner—not Smith College. There is no need to take any further action to ensure copyright. An author may use their project in any way they sees fit, always being careful, though, to indicate that this material has previously appeared as part of a Smith Honors Project.

Where will my project be kept?
Your project will be kept in Smith ScholarWorks. It will also be listed in the Five College Library Catalog.

Can the full text of my project be retrieved using a web search?
No. Since the Archive in which the thesis is stored is password protected, search engines cannot retrieve the full text of the thesis.

After I graduate how can I get a copy of my project?
Digital copies of projects may be obtained in two ways. Visitors to the Smith College Libraries may ask for assistance at the Reference Desk. Those residing outside the local area may make their request through Interlibrary Loan at their local library.

Where can I find past projects?
All are listed in Smith ScholarWorks and the Five College Library Catalog.  

How can I get help in properly citing sources for my project?
Visit the Smith College Libraries' Citation Guides page or contact a Reference Librarian for assistance.

What is the correct format for my project?
Page Format: Text should be formatted for 8½ x 11 inch sheets. Margins must be 1½ inches on the left and 1 inch on the right, top, and bottom. Typefaces should be either 10 or 12 characters per inch and consistent throughout the manuscript. All text should be double-spaced except for Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, lengthy tables, quotations, and footnotes. All equations and formulas should be typed rather than handwritten.

Accessibility: Authors are strongly encouraged to make their papers comply with accessibility standards. Consult our Accessibility page to find out how to follow best practices.

What is the correct format for the title page of my project?

Go to Smith ScholarWorks to browse or search for examples: Honors Projects & Theses

mock-up of Smith College honors thesis title page