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SSW648: Critical and Decolonial Approaches to Research for Clinical Social Work Practice

Summer, 2023: R. Ambuter, R. Crath, D. Hull, T. Moss, M. Notice & L. Smith

Grey Literature

Grey Literature is any literature that has not been published through traditional means. It is often excluded from large databases and other mainstream sources. Some examples of grey literature are theses/dissertations, conference proceedings, and clinical trials.

Search grey literature to:

  • avoid bias or fill in the gap of missing perspectives on an issue
  • monitor changes & updates in a particular field
  • find sources for negative results or brand new evidence
  • discover more references to published literature that your database search might have missed

Where to find grey literature:

News Sources

Research Databases

A list of databases that have content related to topics you'll be exploring in this class:

Alternative Databases & Websites