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Open Educational Resources

A resource guide on Open Educational Resources

Remix and Reuse!

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Whatever you call it: a remix, an adaptation, a derivative, arguably one of the most innovative aspects of OER is found in using work or bits of work already created and mixing it up to serve your needs or fancy:
demographic, regional, pedagogical, or sheer preference.
Because of the way OER are licensed, you can use them in myriad ways!
Below you will find tools and guides to remixing and using OER as well as some particular licensing considerations for remixes or collections of different licensed materials.

"China (Jiangsu), team technical routine, Open Make Up For Ever" by Pierre-Yves Beaudouin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

How to Remix OER: Tools and Guides

Adaptation Guide BC Campus: The Adaptation Guide is a practical reference about how to customize — or adapt — an open textbook so that it better fits your needs in the classroom and elsewhere. This guide defines the term adaptation and discusses reasons for revising a book, why this is possible with an open textbook, and the challenges involved.

ALG Training Module: Creating and Modifying Open Educational Resources

Open Washington: How to use Open Educational Resources self-paced workshop.

OER Commons: Module builder

20 Million Minds Mix: Twenty Million Minds Mix allows faculty to create high grade custom textbooks in both digital and print formats. 

Open Attribution Builder

Modifying an Open Textbook: This is a five-step guide for faculty, and those who support faculty, who want to modify an open textbook. Step-by-step instructions for importing and editing common open textbook file and platform types are included.

Licensing Considerations

Choosing a License:

Creative Commons: License Chooser

Open Climate Data Project: Recommended Legal and Licensing Terms for Your Climate Data


Licensing a Collection

Each licenses, for each collected part, must be considered. Watch out for commercial and non-commercial use:

chart showing license compatibility for collected works

"If I Create a Collection that Includes a Work Offered Under a CC License Which Licenses May I Choose for the Collection" by Creative Commons, CC BY

Licensing a Remix

Watch out for CC ND licenses–you can not use those for a remix—no derivatives means no derivatives. Consult the chart below for remix compatibility:

CC compatibility chart for remixing licensed work

"CC Compatibility Chart," Creative Commons, CC BY