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HST355: Women and World War I: The Smith College Relief Unit: Books

Fall 2018, J. Hall-Witt

Book Reviews

Books Outside of the Five Colleges

Use WorldCat to expand your search for books, theses, etc. beyond the Five College area. 

Use the SC Links button SCLinks within WorldCat to access and populate the interlibrary loan forms.

Interlibrary Loan

Use Interlibrary Loan to request books not owned in the Five Colleges. 

Five College Library Catalog

5 College Library Catalog

Note that subject searching isn't always straightforward. Try a KEYWORDS ANYWHERE search to find a few relevant titles. Then click on the subject headings on those records to conduct a more comprehensive subject search.  

Note that there are usually many different ways to search a concept. Examples of subject searches related to this course:

Examples of primary source searches:

Requesting an Item

Use the Request Item button in the library catalog to request delivery of books from the other Five Colleges.

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