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EAL247: Gender and Sexuality in Japan: Literature, Film, Anime, Manga: Books

Finding Books

Smith College LibrariesLook for books in the Five College Library Catalog using the SUBJECT BEGINS WITH or KEYWORDS ANYWHERE.

Translated Works
Select Advanced, then search AUTHOR KEYWORD (e.g. "Enchi Fumiko") and limit books by language to English
Collections of English Language Translations Search SUBJECT BEGINS WITH under "Japanese Literature 20th Century Translations into English"

Use th Request Item button in the catalog to request books from the other Five Colleges.
No luck? Expand your search by using WorldCat - an online catalog of the holdings of libraries around the world. 
Interlibrary Loan Use Interlibrary Loan to request books not in the Five Colleges.
Google Books Be sure to use Advanced Search. Good for looking up references to authors.

Using the Library Catalog

Subject headings use controlled terms that you would not normally use when you are keyword searching. Learning how to use subject headings, though, can help you to browse books on a particular topic even if a particular keyword is not used in the title.  Because the order of the terms is also prescribed, I would suggest that you use the "Subject keywords" search rather than the "Subject begins with"

Looking for Japanese literature by time period: 

  • Japanese literature  -- Heian period, 794-1185. 
  • Japanese literature -- Edo period, 1600-1868
  • Japanese literature -- Meiji period, 1868-1912
  • Japanese literature -- Taisho period, 1912-1926
  • Japanese literature -- Showa period, 1926-1989
  • Japanese literature -- Heisei period, 1989-

You can also find books that use broader time subdivisions

  • Japanese literature -- To 794
  • Japanese literature -- To 1185
  • Japanese literature -- To 1600
  • Japanese literature -- To 1868

Gender is not a subject heading, even though it is a commonly used keyword. Instead subject headings are put together in a variety of ways:

  • Sex role -- Japan
  • Women's rights -- Japan
  • Women -- Japan

Likewise, sexuality is not an approved subject heading, so instead either use a keyword search to find it in the title or table of contents or try this subject heading:

  • Sex -- Japan

Some other peculiarities to keep in mind,  even though we all use anime to talk about Japanese animation, the subject heading is:

  • Animation (Cinematography) -- Japan.