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Privacy & Discover Advanced

In order for the libraries to offer access to subscription materials, we use your 99 number to verify your identity as a member of the Smith College community. For resident borrowers, a barcode is created and used in place of the 99 number. These numbers are the only information that we share with EBSCO – the company that owns Discover.

Now that account management features are in Discover, you will see an explanation of data privacy terms the first time you log in. These terms apply to the “My Account” features of Discover and govern what EBSCO can do with the data you generate while using the “My Account” features, their responsibilities, and your rights.

This policy is in alignment with digital data privacy laws around the world, including the California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU’s GDPR. For more information please also see the EBSCO FAQs about the data policy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When viewing the data privacy terms, you will have the option to accept or reject the terms:

  • If you do not accept the terms and select No, you can continue to search for materials in Discover, view results, and read most full text articles, but will not be able to place requests, renew loans, or view your loan information in Discover. Also, you will be prompted with the data privacy screen the next time you click on the login options.
  • If you do accept the terms and select Yes, you will be fully logged in and be able to see the folders in “My Account,” with lists of your loans and requests. You will not see the data privacy terms again unless you choose to revoke your acceptance.


What information is Smith sending to EBSCO?

Only your 99 number, or in the case of resident borrowers and alums, your barcode.


Is EBSCO selling or sharing my data with any third parties?

EBSCO does not sell any information to third parties. Regarding sharing, in the data privacy terms, EBSCO states that it “works with affiliates and third parties to provide access to, manage, support, and improve upon our products and services. Retained data is shared with these entities to support those activities, but is not shared outside of this context.”


How long is the information stored?

Until you tell EBSCO you want your account deleted. Send requests to


Is EBSCO tracking my circulation history?

No. All circulation information is pseudononymous using the 99 number. Physical circulation data from all Five Colleges is not included in this policy statement from EBSCO, as those policies are made locally by the Five Colleges Libraries. That data will continue to be protected as it was before implementation of the new system.