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Congressional Record: Print and Microform Editions

Information and links for finding and using the U.S. Congressional Record.

About the CR

The Congressional Record has been through four incarnations:

1. Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824)

2. Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837)

3. Congressional Globe (1833-1873)

4. Congressional Record (1873-present)

Descriptive summaries are provided on the National Archives website.


Congressional Record (1983-present)

UMass Amherst
Microfiche Storage X
Library has: v.131 (1985)-v.134 (1988)
Request Microform; Note: Earlier editions classed J11 R5

UMass Amherst

Microfiche Storage X 1.1:
Library has: v.131 (1981)-v.149,pt.20 (2003:Nov 7-Nov 11)
Request Microform

Print Editions in the Five College Area

Congressional Record Masthead

The W.E.B. Du Bois Library at the University of Massachusetts provides open public access to bound volumes.

Converting Congress Numbers to Years

The U.S. Senate Reference website lists numbered sessions of Congress with corresponding calendar years: