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Where do I start?

Using eBooks

If you are interested in finding and reading a book electronically, search for the title in Discover Advanced. 

To limit to eBooks, use the "eBooks" filter under Source Types.

Image of the eBooks filter under Source Types


eBooks are subject to restrictive licenses that set limitations on who, and sometimes how many users, can access them. Because of these restrictions and except for a few rare cases, colleges within the Five Colleges are not able to share e-books with one another.

"Smith College Online" is the most common Location for Smith eBooks. You might also see the name of a publisher's e-book package (e.g. ProQuest eBook central). However, if you see the name of another school, as in the example below "Mount Holyoke College eBooks," Smith users will not have access. In such a case, confirm that Smith has not purchased its own eBook license, and if not, try searching for a print copy of the book. If you find one at another of the Five College campuses, request it. If it's not available in the Five Colleges, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan which works with libraries globally.

Also, you can always use Ask Us to receive assistance.

Getting access

Individual eBooks will function in diverse ways because they come from different publishers. However, getting access is the same: look for a link that says "Link to resource."

Image of a catalog record with 'Link to resource" circled.