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Smith College Archives research resources

Sources in the College Archives for research

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an overview of Smith College's history?

The History & Traditions page of Smith College's website. There is also a list of relevant publications here: College History_Smith College Special Collections

How do I found out more about student housing on and off of campus throughout Smith's history?

A list of resources and existing digitized content are compiled here: House Histories

My reunion is coming up, how do I find pictures and other digital content from my time at Smith?

In addition to this subject guide, you can also read the Class Research for Reunions guide.

Where can I find a list of Smith College Presidents?

The History & Traditions page of Smith College's website

Where can I find a list of notable alums and honorary degree holders?

The History & Traditions page of Smith College's website

Where can I read older issues of Smith College and Smith Student publications?

Visit the College Publications page of this guide for instructions on accessing these materials.

Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides are designed to assist researchers in beginning their search on a specific topic. These lists are not meant to be comprehensive lists of materials in the collection.

Below you will find links to webpages, individual Google Documents and spreadsheets that act as overviews for the most popular topics of research in the College Archives.

Smith History by Subject
Departments, Faculty members, and Staff
Smith Students 

The following are lists of where to find specific types of materials created by students in each. The materials below are not digitized.