Zotero helps researchers gather, manage, store, and generate citations and bibliographies. It is a free tool.

Create Collections

Creating folders (otherwise known as collections) can help you organize your library. To create a new collection, click on the yellow folder/plus sgn icon. A pop-up box will open prompting you to name your new collection. Once your new collection is established, you can drag and drop items into it either from your desktop or from within your Zotero library. Note that every time you drag an item into a new collection from your Zotero library, a copy will be made of that item will be made. 

You can create sub-collections using the same method. You can also drag and drop collections into other collections.

Click on the yellow folder at the top of Zotero to create a new collection, then name it in the pop-up box.

Add Tags

When you add a reference to your Zotero library, it imports them. You can add tags to your references to make them easier to find later.

Select citation you ant to add tags to, choose tags tab in the right-hand pane, then add tags using the plus sign.

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