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Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at Smith College

Spring 2020

Stay Current

Wikis versus Wikpedia

Wikis are collaborative websites designed to allow users to add or modify content. Users employ their Web browser to access the content and make changes. Wiki platforms typically feature:

  • Simplified markup schemes for entering data
  • Search capability
  • History, or version control, pages for monitoring changes to content

Wikis are used for gathering and distributing information as well as associated multimedia (pictures, audio, etc.). Editing functionality may be restricted, but many wikis allow anonymous users to change or add information. Wikis are often based on a specific topic and rely heavily on their user community to develop useful content.There are many Wiki sites available on the Web, and they address a number of subject areas. They include:

Because of their collaborative nature, wikis are used to power a variety of projects, from documentation to open access initiatives to peer-review portals. Wikipedia is just one of the several related projects funded by the Wikimedia Foundation