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User Experience

Libraries 2023-2024 UX Guide

Seven aspects of UX practice

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User Experience Honeycomb showing the words "Feel" "Useful" "Desirable" and "Valuable"BEYOND USABILITY

User experience is a broader concept that touches on use plus other dimensions of experience, such as value, meaning, frustration, and even joy.

The "What is UX?" page has more information.


The Libraries' approach to developing a new website, improving services and spaces includes asking users and studying their experience often, including prototyping and usability testing.

The UX Lab and our staff share knowledge and experience. We provide a physical space, equipment and resources to help others on campus to learn, plan, and conduct UX studies.

Getting Started with UX

Detail of some user experience services and activities including consultation, training, project and website planning, interviews and focus groups


The "Learn UX". page includes links to  resources -- guides and information on methods, principles of user experience, usability and accessibility.

Smith has access to many print and online sources on User Experience.

LinkedIn Learning provides courses and a pathway to certification: Advance Your Skills as a User Experience Researcher. Login through Smith Portal


Find more details on the "Use the UX Lab" page about what you can do .

Meet with us for a consultation in person or virtually.

Smith Libraries UX Lab

Learn UX activities including consultation, training, planningLOCATION

The UX Lab is on the 3rd floor of Alumnae Gym, close to Neilson Library.


Two rooms are dedicated to studying and supporting usability studies, UX research, and user-centered design. Students, faculty and staff at Smith College may use the Lab by appointment.


"Use the UX Lab" provides more information. Meet with us to get started.

"Learn UX" includes links to resources, guides, and information on methods.