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How to Use This Page

Use the information below to cite items that you encounter through the Smith College Special Collections. These citation formats will allow you to indicate that the item came from the Smith College Special Collections. Other primary sources may be cited following typical citation conventions. For example: a newspaper article form the 19th century, accessed in a library database, would be cited the same way as a newspaper article from the 21st century.

Chicago Style


  • When the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) refers to a "Manuscript Collection" that includes archival materials too!
  • To cite a "rare book" from the Smith College Special Collections, follow the typical guidelines for book citation, but be sure to include the repository of the book (ex. The Mortimer Rare Book Collection) and when possible a call number.

Smith College Special Collections

Example Citations from Smith College Special Collections

The following are example citations in Chicago Style of items from each of the repositories in the Smith College Special Collections.

Mortimer Rare Book Collection

Diary of Newton Arvin, 1950, Box 19, Folder 18, Newton Arvin Papers, Smith College Mortimer Rare Book Collection, Smith College Special Collections.

Smith College Archives

Birthday Dinner -- Correspondence, 1959, Box 684, Folder 3, Albert Francis Blakeslee Papers, Smith College Archives, Smith College Special Collections.

Sophia Smith Collection of Women's History

Note form (for a singular item):

Annotated Russian to English Vocabulary List, 1918, Box 1, Folder 8, Elizabeth Dickerson Papers, SSC-MS-00601, Sophia Smith Collection of Women's History, Smith College Special Collections.

Bibliography (if multiple items are cited):

Dickerson, Elizabeth. Papers. Sophia Smith Collection of Women's History, Smith College Special Collections.