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  • Full-text access to current issues. When on the campus IP range, there is no need to sign in. For off-campus access and for added functionality, you can create your own account, but you will need to use a desktop computer to do so. After that, you may use the mobile app.
  • On the Washington Post website, select Sign In, then Connect with Google. Select your Smith email account and follow the prompts to complete your account creation. Once you're logged in, select your name in the top right, then select Subscription & Billing. Finally, select the Activate Free Digital Access button.
  • Click this link to get to the Smith authentication log-in, and then you'll be prompted to create your own Wall Street Journal login (which does not need to be the same as your Smith login)
  • You will then be able to go directly to or use the WSJ app from anywhere, on any device and gain full access with the login you've created
  • Faculty and staff need to refresh their account annually

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