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HST223: Women and Gender in Japanese History: From Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century: Getting Started

Spring 2020, M. Anderson

Histories, Context, Reading Lists

Recommended Books

Encylopedias on Japan, Religion, Women, etc.

Toyokuni III (Utagawa Kunisada).  Two Women and a Child Hunting Mushrooms.  (Smith College Museum of Art)

Use scholarly encyclopedias for an overview of your topic, definitions, a list of suggested readings, and (sometimes) a lead on related primary source material.

In Cass Activity

Working in groups of 3-4 students examine your assigned text and Wikipedia page.* Consider the following questions:

  1. What useful information can be found in each source?

  2. How might you use this source to find more sources?

* You may need to use your research skills to navigate to the relevant sections of the text/wiki page.

Group 1 - Hokkeiji (Temple)/ Nuns:

Group 2 - Tea Culture in the Edo Period:

Group 3 - Prostitution: