GOV312: Political Behavior in the United States

Fall 2023, H. Gold

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Elections - United States
Presidents - United States - Election
Political participation
Public opinion - United States

United States - Politics and government - 2009-

Political campaigns – United States
Presidential candidates - United States
Political parties - United States

Representative government and representation

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(obama and vote*) and trump and (presiden* or campaign* or 2016 or elect*)

Specific subject headings

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[candidate or topic] -- Public opinion
Trump, Donald, 1946-
Presidents -- United States -- Elections -- 2020
Presidents -- United States -- Elections -- 2016
Political culture -- United States -- History -- 21st century
African Americans -- Political activity
African Americans -- Attitudes
Working class -- Political activity -- United States
Christianity and politics
Evangelicalism -- Political aspects -- United States
Racism --  Political aspects
Christians, White -- United States
Religion and politics -- United States 
Criminal justice, Administration of -- United States -- Public opinion
United States. Supreme Court -- Public opinion
Generation Z -- Political activity
Young adults -- Political activity -- United States

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