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GOV210: Public Opinion & Mass Media in the United States: Finding News, Media, Websites, Articles

Fall 2023, H. Gold

Public Opinion / Polling Resources


Search Links for GOV 210 Paper Assignment

There are two custom searches for your GOV 210 paper assignment:

1. News Sites: search 9 mainstream websites for news (see list below)


2. Media Sites: find position papers, briefings, reports, and more from sites and organizations recommended by your professor.


Search News and Media Sites

Sites included in GOV 210 Search Box 1

You can use the Journals tab (Publication Finder) to connect with sources. Search a newspaper title, or try searching MSNBC or Fox or CNN to get to a  news database for transcripts.

Sites Included in GOV 210 Search Box 2

Search mainstream news databases

Discover Advanced Search

Use Request Item to get books from other campuses

Find a source by Title

Moodle Links - GOV210

Click here to login to the main Moodle page at Smith. Or connect directly to your course site for data sets more information: H. Gold, GOV 210