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FYS146: Can Women Have Adventures?

Fall 2018, M. Bruzelius

Film reviews

Using Smith's Discover Search to Find Articles

  1. Go the the Smith Libraries Website
  2. Make sure the Discover search box is selected
  3. Enter your Search Terms (ex. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
  4. Note many different kinds of results are sorted by format (Books, Articles, Journals). 
  5. Select "Books" to explore book results. Do not be deterred by "Not owned by Smith" - requested books arrvie in 24-48 hours.
  6. Select "Articles" at the top to browse the article results, and click on "Check for full text" to see if the full text iof an article s available.
  7. Select "Journals" at the top to browse the journal results. Select a particular journal to search in (ex. Journal of Popular Culture) and type in your search terms again "Buffy the Vampire Salyer."
  8. Click on "Refine Your Search" to add filters to any of your results.