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EDC340: Education Senior Seminar

Spring 2024, C. Berner

How-to Write an Op-Ed

Find More Op-Eds

Use Google News or the database Nexis-Uni to search across many news sources for op-eds on specific topics.

Tips for searching: 

  • Click on the link for Google News above.
  • In the search box type "op-ed" AND "topic" [topic can be any keywords relate dot the topci of the op-ed that you're interested in like, education or race].
  • Sift through results until you find a relevant op-ed.
  • Or, refine your search by changing the keywords related to your topic.

Tips for searching:

  • Click on the link to Nexis-Uni above.
  • Look for the advanced search link under the main search box.
  • In advanced search, change the first search box from "All Fields" to "Title," then type: "op-ed" OR editorial OR opinion
  • In the next search box add a keyword(s) of your choosing, for example: education, covid or "racial inequity"
  • When you finish typing your search terms click on the red "Search" button.
  • Once you have started a search you can limit your results using the criteria on the left side of the screen.