ECO324: Economics of the Environment - Natural Resources

S. Sayre, Spring 2024


Hill, E. L., & Ma, L. (2022). Drinking water, fracking, and infant health. Journal of Health Economics82, 102595.

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JEL Classification Codes

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Important JEL Classification for ECO324: Q. Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics • Environmental and Ecological Economics

American Economic Association JEL Classification System / EconLit Subject Descriptors

Journal Titles to Watch For

Major Economics Journals

Articles about environmental issues published here are particularly influential and usually considered very high quality by the discipline.

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
American Economic Review
European Economic Review
Journal of Economic Literature
Journal of Economic Perspectives
Journal of Political Economy
Journal of Public Economics
Review of Economics and Statistics
The Review of Economic Studies

Environmental Economics Journals

JAERE and JEEM are the twin "top-field" journals in this area.  REEP publishes more accessible reviews and discussions of policy specifically designed to reach a broader audience.

Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economics (JAERE)
Journal of Environmental Economics & Management (JEEM)
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (REEP)

American Journal of Agricultural Economics
Environmental and Resource Economics
Ecological Economics
Resource and Energy Economics
Energy Policy
Land Economics
Energy Journal
Journal of Urban Economics
Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics
Australian Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics
Natural Resources Journal

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