ECO318: Macroeconomic Policy from the Great Depression to the Present

Fall 2023, G. Brunet

Sources from the Syllabus

Include sources from the ECO318 course syllabus in your preliminary research.

During the library session on October 4, use these articles to explore the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification codes and other information with the database: EconLit with Full Text [EBSCO] 1969+

Using Google Scholar, you'll also search for "Cited by" references related to the topic.



Explore and Use JEL Classification Codes

Visit the AEA website to explore the codes pictured below.

Top JEL Classification for ECO318: E. Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

(N. Economic History may help with combined searching)

American Economic Association JEL Classification System / EconLit Subject Descriptors

Mind Mapping

Consider organizing and exploring your research topic, knowledge and ideas with a mind map. 

Research isn't a linear process. It may be circuitous, like a spiral or branching tree.

Use online tools for visualization, a flow chart or post-it style mapping, or write on a piece of paper.

  • Put your topic in the center
  • Place concepts, ideas, or questions around the topic
  • Use lines, colors, and clusters to identify connections
  • Find any gaps, then continue organizing and researching