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ARX340: Taking the Archives Public

Spring 2024, K. Anderson

Citing Sources - Chicago

Citing Archival Material

Copyright & Fair Use

Takedown Notices:

Because it is often difficult to identify and find the copyright holder for historic materials, you may have to decide to simply include the item, but give the owner a mechanism to request the item be taken down.

Post a notice clearly and prominently on your website.

Here are some sample texts:

  1. I have made these materials accessible for purposes of education, commentary, and research. I respect the rights of copyright holders. Upon request, I will remove material from public view while we address a rights issue. If you have questions about your own materials, please contact me...
    As an institution of higher education, Smith College values the rights to intellectual property. As such, every effort has been made to assure that permission has been received for all text and media included in this course. If you believe that there is something that should not be used because incorrect permission has been received, direct your inquiry to or:
    Ben Marsden, Information Security Director
    Information Technology Services
    Stoddard Hall
    Smith College
    Northampton, MA 01063
    We will give your request every consideration and determine the merit of your claim within two weeks of notice.