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What is Landscape Studies?

"Landscape architecture is neither art nor science, but art and science; it fuses environmental design with biological and cultural ecology. Landscape architecture aims to do more than to produce places for safe, healthful, and pleasant use; it has become a forum for the articulation and enactment of individual and societal attitudes toward nature. Landscape architecture lies at the intersection of personal and collective experiences of nature; it addresses the material and historical aspects of landscape even as it explores nature’s more poetic, even mythological, associations."

- John Beardsley, A Word For Landscape Architecture 

Landscape Studies examines the relationship of people to natural and built environments by studying landscapes - from parks and palaces to sidewalks and backyards. This resource guide will help you find information and sources offered by Smith College Libraries including reference material, academic journals & articles, visual materials, and more.

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Areas of Interest

Areas of interest within Landscape Studies includes:

  • Landscape Design (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Urban Design)

  • Nature and Health

  • Cities and Urban Planning

  • Space, Place, and Culture (Geography and Spatial Theory)

  • Land Conservation and Cultural Heritage

  • Environmental/ Landscape History

  • Comparative Arts and Literature of Landscape.