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Cromwell Day '20 -- No Such Thing as Neutral: Racism and Technology Design: Home

Fall 2020

Resources to support discussion and exploration.

No Such Thing as Neutral: Racism and Technology Design is a workshop offered at Smith College as part of Cromwell Day, Tuesday, November 10, 2020, with Jen Malkowski, associate professor of Film and Media Studies, and Yasmin Eisenhauer, associate director of Learning, Research and Technology

About the Workshop

Focusing on the racial biases built into technologies, this workshop set out to consider the harms and inequities of design processes that consistently center on white technology users.

  • case studies from media history (the racist foundations of photography and film equipment design)
  • to our current digital moment (facial recognition software, Google search algorithms, Zoom meeting conventions).

Participants shared ideas for how tech industries could operate more inclusively.


Workshop Presenters

Yasmin Eisenhauer  Jennifer Malkowski

Yasmin Chin Eisenhauer & Jennifer Malkowski

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