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A Beethoven Cycle: The Complete Piano Sonatas: House Books @Smith

Pianist Jiayan Sun will explore Beethoven's masterworks chronologically in a series of eight recitals during the 2018-2019 season.

“Beethoven wrote 35 piano sonatas. And there are 35 residential houses at Smith. What better place to offer the cycle than here [at Smith]?" --Jiayan Sun

Beethoven's Hair: An Extraordinary Odyssey and a Scientific Mystery Solved

Beethoven's Hair was chosen as the 2018 Smith house library book to align with major events on campus. There should be a copy of Beethoven's Hair in every house library. House library books are purchased on the Tyler Fund.

--“An astonishing tale of one lock of hair and its amazing travels — from 9th century Vienna to 21st-century America.”

--"In Beethoven's Hair, Russell Martin has created a rich historical treasure hunt, a tale of false leads, amazing breakthroughs, and incredible revelations. This unique and fascinating book is a moving testament to the power of music, the lure of relics, the heroism of the Resistance movement, and the brilliance of molecular science."