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MUS205: The Sacred Harp : A 19th Century American "Shape-note" Tunebook: Locating Primary Sources

Fall 2011, T. Eriksen

Local / Geneology

Databases and Websites


  • There is an abundance of primary source material in Josten Library and the Smith College Libraries, Forbes Library, Historic Northampton, and other area libraries.
  • Use secondary literature for leads on primary sources.

Five College Library Catalog

Try KEYWORDS ANYWHERE to find a few relevant titles. Then track through on the Subject(s) listed on individual book descriptions to conduct a more comprehensive subject search.

As you look through lists of subjects, watch for the words "personal narratives," "diaries," "interviews," "correspondence," "pamphlets," and "sources" as part of the subject headings.

You can also search for these words, for example, gold rush and (diaries or narratives or correspondence)

Other clues may be buried in the title, authorship, date of publication, etc.

You can limit your search to items published 1885-1905 by using the advanced search option. BUT, you'll lose any modern reprints of sources originally published 1885-1905.

Music Series with MUS205 Related Sources

There Werner Josten Library subscribes to all volumes in these series. Search the specific item in the Five College Catalog.