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MUS205: The Sacred Harp : A 19th Century American "Shape-note" Tunebook: Facilities

Fall 2011, T. Eriksen

Reference Room


Josten Reference Room

-Current magazine & journal display

-Large study tables

-WiFi access

-Large comfortable easy chairs

-Extensive specialty music, theatre, and dance reference collection

-Historical monuments/composer complete works (Treasure Case) in Lower Stacks.

Loan Policies

Reserve a Group Study/Viewing Room

Send e-mail to Reserve a Group Room

or, call (413) 585-2930.

Please give contact information; state date and time and which room you would like to reserve.

Room are available on an ad hoc basis; confirm at Circulation Desk.

What is Where @ Josten

The Mezzanine

  Check out our revitalized Josten Mezzanine! A quiet and airy study lounge with tables to spread out, comfy chairs with arms on which you can perch your laptop, ottomans to rest your feet, and CD, turntable, and cassette audio listening equipment for individuals/groups.

Individual Study Rooms & Microfilm Reader/Printer

There are four (4) individual study rooms (J132, A-D)

--each equipped with TV monitor, DVD/CD, VHS, CD, cassette, turntable

--Wifi accessible, with electrical outlets

There is a microfilm reader/printer attached to a PC on the Basement Level.

--10 cents/page; pay circulation desk assistant

-- Installed on Josten PC --Rolling Stone cover to cover -- the first 40 years [electronic resource]