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Librarianship as Contact Improvisation : A Metaphor for Librarianship in Action: CQ Dance Journal

Accompanying LibGuide for MLA/TLA 2021 presentation, by Christopher Schiff (Bates) and Marlene Wong (Smith), March 5, 2021.

Contact Quarterly

Contact Quarterly is an international journal of dance, improvisation, performance, and contemporary movement arts.

Founded in 1975 as the Contact Newsletter, Contact Quarterly began as a forum for discussion of the emerging dance form, Contact Improvisation (CI). Serving as a meeting ground for a growing international network of dance improvisers, CQ quickly grew to include writings and interviews on postmodern and contemporary experimental dance, somatic movement practices, improvisational dance, mixed-abilities dance, teaching methods, creative process, and performance.

It ceased print publication with vol. 45, no. 1 (Winter/Spring, 2020). It continues its mission with two online publications: CQ Unbound and CQ Rolling Edition.

Contact Quarterly is seeking donations to begin the transition to a Resource-Archive Site,


Start SEARCH HERE to locate citations for CQ articles in print, online, or in IBTD (EBSCO) or Dance Online (Alexander Street/Proquest)

We highly recommend that you start here first if you know exactly what you are looking for. It will save you time and frustration.

The Search function searches Author Names and Keywords in titles and subtitles of CQ articles in print and online; contents of articles online; and the Contact Editions catalog of books and dvds. If you don't find what you're looking for, check your spelling or try a variation.


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Contact Quarterly (1975 - 2020)

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