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JPN - Surround Yourself with Japanese

This guide is intended to supplement to formal classes by introducing streaming media, youtube channels, and other audio-visual resources that will help you to maintain your listening skills and have a good time.

NHK News Web Easy

NHK has created a specially curated website of news broadcasts that is a game changer for Japanese language learners. I feel like NHK News Web Easy is so valuable on so many levels. You feel the need for furigana to remind you of how to read kanji, it is there. Feel like furigana is a crutch? Turn it off. Listen while you read, just listen, just read - you can choose what is right for you. The built-in dictionary feature lets you learn words in Japanese and without going to a JE translator. 

Feel like you have conquered the segment? Click on the link to 普通のニュースを読む and read it the way it was presented originally. The Japanese news can feel overwhelming, but the scaffolding offered by NHK News Web Easy is brilliant and effective.

NHK for School

When I lived in Japan, I loved watching the NHK educational channel and I am happy to see a number of great programs available on the Internet. They can sometimes be tricky to find, so I will list a few of my favorites.  Please note that the programs are aimed at different school levels in Japan, even though the books they are introducing might be the same.  

Here is the link for NHK for School