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SSW530: Introduction to U.S. Social Welfare Policy: Assignment Details

Summer 2021: Al Wazni, Candy, De Jesus, Guerrero, Harding & Rhodes

Social Problem List

  • Extreme economic inequality
  • Border detention
  • Climate Change/ Thrive Act
  • COVID relief
  • Voting Suppression/ Voting Rights

Due Dates

Term I

Annotated bibliography
- June 14th

Defining the Social Problem from Your Assigned Role
- June 22nd

Group Discussion and Reflection Paper
-- July 5th


Term II

Policy Brief Outline and Reference List
--  - Session 3

Policy Brief
--  Session 9

Role List

  • Individual encountering the problem
  • Social worker who works primarily in this arena
  • Agency director who works primarily in this arena
  • State agency director (ex: DHS)
  • State legislator (pick a real person)
  • Federal legislator (pick a real person)
  • Executive branch member, federal (pick a real person)

Annotated Bibliography

This assignment encourages you to begin research on your social problem and to think about the lens from your particular role. Submit an annotated bibliography of (at minimum) the sources identified [below].

At minimum you must include:

  1.  One peer reviewed article or chapter on a theory about why this social problem occurs
  2.  One peer reviewed article or chapter about historical approaches to addressing this problem in the United States
  3. One peer reviewed research article published since 2014 that examines an intervention or policy designed to target this social problem
  4. One op/ed, think tank or blog piece that offers an individual viewpoint.

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