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Museums Concentration Capstone Seminar


TimelineJS is a tool for creating interactive timelines that can integrate many types of media. Timelines can also easily be embedded in a WordPress site.

Getting Started

Create a TimelineJS account


Example Projects

Blackness in the Americas Timeline

Smith students in SOC222 created a timeline of historical events related to the history of blackness in the Americas using TimelineJS.

Through Time: Student Timelines of Women's Studies 101

Wheaton College students created timelines on a variety of topics related to women's history using TimelineJS.



Twine is a digital storytelling platform that can be used to create text and image-based non-linear stories and interactive fiction.


Getting Started

Download Twine


Example Projects

Neilson Library Mobile Tour

Smith Librarians used Twine to build a semi-linear self-guided tour of Neilson Library, which included games, quiz questions, and detours along the way.

Climbing 208 Feet Up The Ruin Wall

Twine artist Porpentine tells a story of climbing a wall with stolen archeological artifacts.