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LSS300: Rethinking Landscape: Maps, Etc.

N. Antonetti, Spring 2013

Geographical Information

The Oxbow in the Connecticut River at Northampton, Google Earth, August 

GIS Data

  • Oliver
    Mass GIS's online mapping tool. "OLIVER can be used to search, display, and share spatial data pertaining to Massachusetts. Users can quickly create and share maps and download data for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS)."
  • Northampton
  • Amherst

Google Earth
Geographic information (down to the level of street addresses) for sites around the globe combining recent satellite imagery, maps, and other data (demographic, economic, commercial).

Microsoft Research Maps
Dated aerial photographs and topographic maps of the United States. Good coverage for Northampton. (Formerly called Terra Server.)

National Geologic Map DatabaseUS Geological Survey & the Association of American State Geologists
Over 90,000 maps and reports by more than 600 publishers. 


Current Local Maps

Northampton Planning & Development: Maps & GIS
Maps show zoning, population, streets, historic district, future land use, cemeteries.

Planning Amherst Together: Map Gallery

Maps show land use, zoning, open spaces, natural and cultural resources, economic development, population, transportation, town services and utilities.

Historic Maps

Map Collection, Historic Northampton
The digital library offers 8 maps of Northampton dating from the mid-17th century through 1895. 

Other Maps of Northampton

Digital Sanborn Maps
Large-scale maps of cities and towns drawn to the scale of 50 feet to an inch. Maps give an "outline of each building, the size and shape and construction materials, heights, and function of structures, location of windows and doors ... street names, street and sidewalk widths, property boundaries, building use, and house and block numbers. Textual information includes construction details, ownership and building use."

  • Smith's subscription includes 8 maps of Northampton (1884-1930, 8 maps of Amherst (1884-1950), 2 maps of Hadley (1929-1943), and other towns in Hampshire, Hamden, and Franklin Counties.

Panoramic Maps, 1847-1929. American Memory
Includes late 19th-century panoramic maps of Amherst (1866, Burleigh), Greenfield, Holyoke, and other cities in Hampshire, Hamden, and Franklin Counties. The site does not include a panoramic map for Northampton, but the Forbes Library collection includes a nice example from this period.

More Maps

Map Resources Page
Links to an extensive selection of online map collections, atlases, GIS resources, Smith collections and services.