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JPN302: Japanese III: Browsing Bookstores

Spring 2013, A. Takahashi

Tachiyomi by Publisher

e-book offerings

The Internet has opened up a vast treasure trove to those of us studying Japan. We don't have to use valuable time on our research visits to Japan to in libraries or bookstores, because we can do so much prep work before we go. While we are still blocked from legally purchasing many e-books because of residence or payment schemes (must have Japanese address, only from IP address in Japan, or must have Japanese credit card), we can do a great deal of browsing and hopefully the legal restrictions will be eliminated over time.

Look for the words 立ち読み 立読 (tachiyomi) or 試し読み(test read) to browse the beginnings of the books. Usually about 15 pages worth.

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