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JPN302: Japanese III: BiblioBattle

Spring 2013, A. Takahashi


Are you willing to do battle on behalf of your favorite book? You have five minutes to convince the audience to read your book rather than the ones that your competitors are advocating for. In Japanese they use the word ビブリオバトル but describe it as 知的書評合戦 (chiteki shohyo gassen). 

To learn more about bibliobattles, visit the website. Look at the How to section. There are instructions in both Japanese and English, videos of battles that have taken place across Japan, and even a manga about it. 

In Japan, bibliobattles started in universities and have now spread to public libraries and bookstores. Really anywhere that people gather who love to read. At Smith we hope to start a similar movement across North America, so let's get ready to do battle. 

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