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Welcoming International Students to Smith College Libraries: Studying in the Library

This is an introduction to library services for international students at Smith College.

Places to Study

All of the libraries have wireless connections. They all have open tables for studying and individual carels. Some carels may be reserved for individuals. 

The Neilson Library is the biggest one and open the most hours. 

The Hillyer Library is has a fine collection of art books and has lots of different spaces for studying.

The Young Science Library is one of the largest college science libraries in the United States. 

The Josten Performing Arts Library is small and comfortable and a good fit for performers. 

Key Points to Remember

The Libraries are open to the public, so you will find non-students in the library. You do not need a card to enter any of the libraries or to use library materials on the shelves.

The Libraries are open late and on weekends! The Neilson Library is open the longest hours, but the others are open pretty late too.

There are no strict rules about food and drink in the libraries. Please be considerate of library materials and other users. Use bottles/cups with covers and clean up after yourself. Do not order food to be delivered to the library :)

You can talk in the library! If you want to chat quietly with a friend or work with a group on a project, use the Information Commons on Level 1 (look for the Group Study signs).

You can read quietly in the library. Look for the Quiet signs on each floor. There are Comfy Chairs and footrests too.

Most of the books and journals are on the open stacks (shelves). You do not need to ask a staff member to retrieve them for you. You will need to ask for some rare books, old books, CDs and DVDs.

Subject Guide

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