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Welcoming International Students to Smith College Libraries: Home

This is an introduction to library services for international students at Smith College.


Welcome to the Smith College Libraries! 

Smith College Libraries may be different than what you are used to, and this guide is intended to help you learn about some of the differences you might notice as well as some of the library-specific terminology that will help you to succeed in your studies here at Smith. 

The most important thing you need to know is that the Libraries and staff are here to help you. We don't grade your papers or report back to your professors about what you have been reading. We believe strongly that there is no such thing as a "stupid question". Really. Our job is to help you to find the materials you need to do your assignments and research projects. 

The second most important thing you need to know is that we can't tell you are a foreign student or need help unless you ask us. So please don't be shy. If you have a question or think that there might be a better way to find something, go to one of the "help desks" at any one of the libraries and talk to the person there. 

So, look around this libguide, attend the new student orientation, and feel empowered to ask us questions. Any staff member is happy to help, but if you would like to make an appointment or have a chat over a cup of tea and talk about libraries and reading and books, please consider contacting either Bruce Sadjak or Sharon Domier directly.

East Asian Librarian

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Sharon Domier
Thursdays at Smith
309 Neilson Library

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