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GEO112: Archeological Geology of Rock Art and Stone Artifacts: Images

Spring 2018, B. Glumac

Citing Works in Image Databases

Citations to images included in image databases (ARTstor, LUNA, etc.), should include the following (or as much of it as can be easily determined from the source):

creator's name, title of the work as given in the database, location of the work, date (database collection [if known]).

Citing Works of Art

Citations should include the following information (or as much of it as can be easily determined from the source) in addition to the standard citation elements for the print or electronic source of the image of the work:

artists name, title of the work as given in the source, date, location of the work if known (standard reference or note citation for the source publication).

The Harriet Boyd Hawes Collection

Harriet Cover Image

Harriet Boyd Hawes was a member of the Smith College Class of 1892, faculty member in greek and archeology at Smith between 1900-1905, and first woman to excavate on the isle of Crete in 1900.


The finding aid for the Harriet Boyd Hawes papers can be found at: The finding aid will only provide you with information about  the collection. You will need to go to the College Archives to review the files.

Tips & Reminders for Using the Harrriet Boyd Hawes Papers

  • Remember--it will always take longer to review the files than you expect.  Harriet's handwriting can be challenging.  Give yourself plenty of time to look at the material. 
  • Reference Archivists are at the desk during our open hours and can work with you to help decipher some words in her correspondence.
  • You have 10 pages of photocopy credit gratis.  Once you go over that limit, the charge is $.25/page, payable at the time of ordering.
  • Please remember to put your belongings (except for computers and/or paper & pencil) in the lockers provided or under the coat rack BEFORE you come to the Reference Desk.  This includes food, drink, pens, computer cases, to name a few items.
  • Please be gentle with the material.  Many items in the Harriet Boyd Hawes Papers are fragile, and handling them should be done with caution.  Thank you!

Using the Archives

Smith College Archives Website
provides information about the hours, services, and collections.

Finding Aids

"Finding aids are tools that describe and facilitate access to archival and manuscript collections. They provide information about the individuals or organizations that created the records, as well as the subjects and time periods that the materials document, and most provide a container list of the collection."