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FYS185: The Power of the Aesthetic in Italian Cinema: Finding Books

Fall 2018, A. Botta

Searching the Five College Library Catalog for Books

Use the Five College Library Catalog to find books about film, or to search for films:

For Books About: Search Under: Or Try:
a film Subject begins with: film's title -
e.g. Accattone (Motion Picture)
Keyword anywhere: film title
a director Subject begins with: director's name - e.g. Felini, Federico Subject begins with: motion picture producers and directors Italy; or
Keyword anywhere: director's last name
a genre or movement Subject begins with: genre name - e.g. realism in motion pictures Italy Keyword anywhere: horror films or neorealism
a country Subject begins with: motion pictures Italian; motion pictures Italy; Italy in motion pictures
a theme

Subject begins with: theme followed by "in motion pictures" - e.g. women in motion pictures

NO LUCK? Try looking in Worldcat under these same subjects. Use Interlibrary Loan to request books outside of the Five Colleges. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.