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FYS183: Geisha, Wise Mothers and Working Women: Images of Japanese Womanhood: Finding Books

Fall 2017, M. Anderson

Books Outside of the Five Colleges

WorldCat - Expand your search for books, theses, etc. beyond the Five College area. Watch for items that are owned by only one library; such unique material is often not obtainable via interlibrary loan.

Interlibrary Loan

Use Interlibrary Loan to request books not owned in the Five Colleges. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery (books may come more quickly, especially from in-state).

Suggest Purchase

Suggest Purchase - If you run across a book that Smith doesn't own and you think we should, use this form to suggest that the library purchase it.

Five College Library Catalog

5 College Library Catalog - Note that subject searching isn't always straightforward. Try a KEYWORDS ANYWHERE search to find a few relevant titles. Then click on the subject headings on those records to conduct a more comprehensive subject search.

Another strategy is to look up one of your texts or reserve readings. Then click on the subject headings on those records to conduct a more comprehensive subject search. For example, look up The Secrets of Mariko: A Year in the Life of a Japanese Woman and her Family.

Here are some phrases that will work for SUBJECT BEGINS WITH searches in the online catalog:

  • Customary law - Japan
  • Divorce - Japan - history
  • Domestic relations - Japan
  • Feminism - Japan - history
  • Geishas
  • Geishas - Japan
  • Japan - court and courtiers
  • Japan - social life and customs
  • Marriage - Japan
  • Prostitution - Japan
  • Sex - Religious aspects - Buddhism
  • Sex role - Japan - history
  • Women in Buddhism - Japan - history
  • Women - Japan - economic conditions
  • Women - employment - Japan - history
  • Women - Japan - history
  • Women - Japan - social conditions
  • Women - religious aspects - Buddhism

Use the Request Item button in the library catalog to request delivery of books from the Smith Annex and from the other Five Colleges.

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