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FYS150: Writing and Power in China: Primary Sources

This course examines the many ways in which writing has been used to gain, maintain and overturn power throughout Chinese history, from the prognosticating power of oracle bone script to the activist potential of social media. We examine writing as a tact

How to find Primary Sources on China

Subject headings always include Sources. If you are not sure about time periods or topical subdivisions, use Subject Keywords instead of Subject Begins With. 

  • China -- Civilization -- Sources
  • China -- History -- Sources
  • China -- Politics and Government -- 1976-2002 -- Sources
  • Chinese literature -- Taiwan -- History and criticism -- Sources

In some cases, you will be looking for translations in the case of literature. For example:

  • Chinese poetry -- Translations into English
  • Chinese fiction -- Translations into English

Required Readings

Other Primary Sources