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ENG118: Writing about Home: Home

Fall 2015: A. Cuellar

Getting Started

Media Sources

Documentary videos may provide excellent content to help you think through your research:

Refining Your Topic

Still thinking about your research question?

Visit a reference source, such as the encyclopedias in the lefthand column. You'll find essays that give general overviews of a variety of topics. The bibliography for an encyclopedia entry may lead you to sources that cover the issue in more depth.

You might also find that recent journalism will help you refine your topic. You'll find media sources - including newspapers, social media, radio journalism, and documentaries in the box below.

Scholarly journals

Once you have a research question, it's easier to approach the large selection of scholarly journal articles available in Smith's electronic databases.  Try a keyword search in Discover, and explore the databases listed in the section of this guide entitled, "Finding Articles & Books."

Meet with a librarian

If you run into any barriers during your search, want help refining your topic, or feel like there is something out there you just can't find - don't hesitate to make an appointment for a research consultation!


Discover: Start here for books, articles & more

Many EBSCO databases, such as Academic Search Premier and Historical Abstracts, are included in Discover, as is JSTOR.

Discover Advanced Search includes limiting options.

What is Discover?

On the Web

Ask Us - Meet with Us

Teaching, Learning & Research Librarians

Contact: Teaching, Learning & Research Librarians

Using Social Media

Learn the hashtags people are using to talk about your topic.

This may lead you to interesting authors, subtopics, and sources!