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EAL248: The Tale of Genji & the Pillow Book: Locating Books on Genji

Spring 2013, T. Rohlich - A guide for students who need to locate secondary sources on the Tale of Genji and/or the Pillow Book


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Some Major Works on Genji

Books About the Tale of Genji

When you are looking for books by an author, you search that name in the author field of the library catalog. When you are looking for books about an author, search for that author in the subject field of the library catalog.

If you are not sure of the order of the name (is it Murasaki Shikibu or Shikibu Murasaki) use the subject keywords field in the library catalog.

In some cases, you will find books that have even more specific subject headings, such as a particular title, or even more specific ones such as a particular chapter - as in the case of the Tale of Genji.

In order to see the subject headings you need to get out of keyword searching and use the subject begins with feature (or click on one of the subject headings in a record to get to the subject heading list).

Murasaki Shikibu, b. 978? Genji monogatari 

We have so many books written in Japanese that you might want to use Advanced Search Feature.

Subject keywords= Murasaki Shikibu




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