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EAL241: Literature and Culture in Premodern Japan: Court Ladies, Wandering Monks and Urban Rakes: Finding Books & Catalogs

A study of Japanese literature and its cultural roots from the eighth to the 19th century. The course focuses on enduring works of the Japanese literary tradition, along with the social and cultural conditions that gave birth to the literature.

Subject Terms

Useful subject begins with headings for library catalog searches are:

  • Japan--History--To 1868
  • Japan--History--Heian period, 794-1185
  • Japan--History--Tokugawa Period, 1600-1868    BUT - Notice Tokugawa period as a subdivision is only used for History
  • Japanese Literature--Edo Period, 1600-1868
  • Japanese poetry--1185-1600--History and Criticism
  • Japanese poetry--794-1185--Translations into English
  • Authors, Japanese --1185-1600
  • [author's name]
  • Theater -- Japan
  • [genre], for example
    NO | Kabuki
  • Art, Japanese--Edo Period, 1600-1866
  • Architecture--Japan--Edo Period, 1600-1866
  • Tokyo (Japan)--In art
  • Color prints, Japanese
  • Ukiyoe
  • Sotatsu-Korin School
  • [artists' names], for example:
    Ando, Hiroshige
  • Japanese tea ceremony


When in doubt, use the subject keywords instead of subject begins with to find the right subject heading, then click on the subject heading to get others in the same subject. 


Library Collections

Five College Library Catalog
Provides access to the combined library holdings of Smith, Amherst, Hampshire, and Mount Holyoke Colleges, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

  • Use the subject begins with terms cited in the left column
  • Search for publications cited in bibliographies and notes to see if they're available in the Five Colleges

WorldCat is universal in subject scope and includes records for millions items held in thousands of libraries throughout the United States and Europe. It is an excellent source for developing a bibliography and verifying citations.

  • Use subject terms and authors identified through your Five college Library Catalog search to find more books, catalogs, and other monographs


Getting Books & Media not at Smith

Five College Delivery/Request Item
Use the library catalog to request delivery of books and media available in the Five Colleges

Interlibrary Loan
Request books and media not available in the Five Colleges

More Books & Catalogs

A selection of links to major library catalogs, full text digital collections, and other databases.